April 3, 2016

Language and politics

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  1. Richard Bashuski15/5/16 16:03

    Today however politics is mere a moral science, primarily on the issue of scarcity if enough production is either impossible or going to be too late.

    Thus, being the rich body of literature, political science continues to exist with the same rich tradition as the ‘moral philosophy’. There was concerned about all with how politics can contribute to a life of excellence and virtue, and important contributions were made by authors who wrote in other areas of philosophy were Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Hobbes, and John Locke, of which wrings extending over more than two millennia now still constitute the body of wisdom in literature that is still the foundation of politics.

    If people needs food and shelter, language is really not an issue in politics. Sometimes it may be added as the part of food and shelter but in many cases people would revel against such an extreme political spirit if basic needs aren’t to have been met first. So it is in fact to be an issue is not really proved to be empirically evident.
    Taking that class conflicts between upper group and lower group may be due in part attributed to be in politics is perhaps yes, but even Karl Marx didn’t acknowledge such a thing even as being existed. For him, it was money and capital what's in politics.