August 8, 2016


My next post: August 26. A look at the nature of our research proposal writing in postgraduate study. (Should there to have not secured to come up with the most relevant factors, just a posting of some contents of my research proposal sent to Cambridge in 2006, when and after my active career in real estate came into being stopped and perceived with at least a year wait for reintegration but the habit of reading literature yet to be persuaded by myself of writing books in free times had continued for a some time in those days.And to look at some of the particular issues involved in research proposal like:
The misconception of a research proposal as to an academic or academician or a professional writer to write a proposal for funding versus to a student to write a proposal for a dissertation
Why there popular myth exists as if it were consisting of something called 'research methodology' other than that a dissertation to be written in one and only methodology (solely itself of dissertation) in number of acceptable papers with the academic format emphasizing primary and secondary references but not really to primary sources
Why there is still literature review wanted and how one could accommodate it even if the dissertation is going to be sounding like 'He is a good person'
Why there are difficulties in formulating thesis and propositions to a dissertation with subjects in the faculty of arts than in the faculty of science in comparison
How propositions should support thesis and thesis should  propositions in a dissertation
Why there could still be an issue such as your proposal cannot be read without boredom, or with professionalism    

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