December 24, 2013

Languaging the language

More than about the semantics and pragmatics of our language, it  just came to think of our state of Marxism and religions in terms of  their relevance today regardless of the nature of differences in their theses. I don’t agree with the take that Marxism has any thesis at all but all religions.

At the same time, i don’t think religious theses are viable for further growth as they once sought to have been under their favorable condition. For example, neither drinking the blood and eating the body as social ritual to symbolize a thesis nor the narrative aspect of its theology seems very easy to take with the consequence of its chronicity without regard to the consequence of the speed of the societal changes to conceptualize a certain phenomenon. Ceratinly today it's a way of life, rather than about the do or not do a certain thing in a ritual.

On the relevance of Marxism,  i am a phonetician and specialized in philosophy (not in realign or theology), but here is a video clip from an author who wrote many books on Marxism and the languaging the language:

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  1. Not really. Historically theism, at least in the West, has maintained a direct and explicit alliance with conservative political parties. But including atheism today agree ideologically with the hegemonic sector of the bureaucracy, whether they were or are consistent with any particular political or theological thesis.