September 30, 2016

New page

A blogger page of my own is also now available: 

Those who check my literature reviews in LangLing in comparison to text books used for post-secondary studies in colleges and universities may find this new blog to be somewhat useful also, or many ways perhaps, for bringing the issues in study of politics as the most valuable academic study in liberal arts available, rather than taking it as if 'politics' is only about both the ownership of policemen and the underworld activities at the same time or politics is all about fights. 

With the purpose of elaborating the problem of some of the ideological foundations seeking to answer the political literatures and applied practices and as i am driven with the interest to the point in an answer to why their being still exists relevant, the conceptual approach to government and politics and the analytical tools provided to an academic study throughout the book may stand alone i hope as the best way to bringing together ideological and conceptual apparatuses of politics in  pragmatic, causative, consensuses approach to study politics or political science.

And my monthly literature review posts for LangLing will be continued in this blog.

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