October 29, 2016

Binary semantics

Tissue? Or paper? Though the semantics properties might be in support of the ownership as the paper, the semantic feature doesn't do that well so.

Lately I wrote a post in my facebook but it has come to think if I have done any big mistake more than perhaps one or two instances. Those 3 instances then, having the use of 'toilet tissue' rather than 'toilet paper', the use of adjective class of word 'excretory' if not in an appropriate context, and just as well with the same with the word 'pendulum', relying if not at all in their proper linguistic correctness elevated some thoughts as to if they should be corrected.   Here is the facebook post in context:  
Apparently, it has come to me to think of also lately how secret agents would ever be known for their best tasks with our humdrum errors, if not only them being having been unless known by my writings for otherwise with the agendas. Sounds funny, right?

Well, the truth of the matter is that you can witness this every where and you have to live with it, even if not a happy case that might be with our theories of specimen exposition as to if the secret is the agents or tasks here.

I know people are not happy with the way we do things, and particularly women who are more curious for simple description patterns and solutions for this. This is that of course why we engage in made-up and jealous stories sometimes with it as well.

I would bet tissue in 3 folds with some saliva on the final wipe would be the best simple-and-anytime solution, though our anus is nevertheless mysteriously excretory in its perfect closure for pendulum.

I use actually  rectum push-in and a bit of bowl water every time nowadays since my late 40s but feel like a giant anytime with comfort that way.

Nevertheless I come to conclude the use of 'toilet tissue' is being correct though we never here from anyone otherwise. With our binary semantics, or binary features, for the proper, they are indeed rather tissue but I don't have the lexical semantic analyzes as to when and where their merger took place.   

The use of word 'excretory', though a fading nature by the time now, seems to be for correctness in context. And interestingly I found a chapter devoted to 'excretion' in book for 'dental care'  just yesterday when I visited University of Manitoba HSC library to see if anything out there to cure tooth pain to those who doesn't have the provincial health care, a systematized and extremely politicized  public good nowadays in certain provinces and particularly in Manitoba, so to speak.   

The use of word 'pendulum' is perhaps not correct in context, but where this could be appropriate than this one is still a puzzle to me certainly.

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  1. Allen Willoughby18/6/17 23:07

    When we were grown up this wasn’t told how to. Not all the times but sometimes we do misses things but takes it easy as if it is natural. If you are a guy with the bad character and are not so clean to others, this is maybe an added issue. My wife carries scented tissue with her all the times but I can say certainly this is not for males nor for every female. Lately she came to tell me that she was going to give up her habit of carrying scented tissue and explained to me about this as if it is with all facts. I said to her however not to give up, since I personally like whenever she had scented tissue. The trick is that people have to sometimes close the anus manually, particularly after certain age and depending on stool patterns. And then wetting the tissue a bit for the end wipe is certainly a good practice, and a simple solution, though not needed perhaps.