May 30, 2017

Speculative reading

Sounds funny yet speculative something is, i would argue, not that the zest+. Writers may or may not always have fun in their works, other than those volunteer to do some writings is perhaps, but it is what you have to if you are a student in university for first year in politics, says political study manuals. Political study guides and social science studies guides can tell you that there would be nothing more than that as a student or academics could achieve in practicing politics by your writing. And says further it is your identity, it is your class, and it is your maturity after all how you put your words in orders and connect the world around you. Cannot be disputed certainly. I write literature reviews, mostly if any good literature is to be worth exploring. Having been absent for while, this time this extract is from a personal file for a bit politics.

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Nevill Fernando

Hi there.

This is interesting that the other day I found a booklet of personnel in this city when I walked into our University of Winnipeg Library. And one of those city personalities seen in that is the identity of yourself. Indeed that the city has changed a lot in the last 10 years and every home owners have had about 100K in addition and other things as everyone that couldn’t have otherwise had is certainly interesting to look into our folks who are vital in this to have made things happened and happens. It is also funny yet I think at the same time to make a guess as to how extent they are mingling with the rest for without them being identified to the extraordinary. So I find this to be interesting to me to write you a bit of our politics though i am a former student of UofW interested mostly in our literati for their literature inputs locally produced.    

Funny in the sense of course a negative tone while the good things are easy to be seen and conceptualized and so no need to be mentioned by those who like to write politics of common-sense. ‘Is politics a bad thing in your opinion’, you might ask, but it is not that the issue is self explanatory, you would also take.  But imagine a group of three comes to your  house at 4:00 am and breaks your house such a way not really for stealing but you to have waked up to join for a fight or feared up with it, and then them coming back again  at 6:00 am and doing the same while the first time action had been likely perceived with not much force by the action planner, what would you think about this? Funny or not funny? Happened yet to me last Saturday, if you believe or not, and the intruders broke not only one door but two. What I found the next day was some toilets being plugged in addition in this.  Not sure yet how many of those has been plugged as I stay in a building which has 14 toilets and I use only one.

Why such vandalisms and crimes of plugging toilets makes creativity in secret and good talks is not well understood by many, I would argue, but there appears to be something with cultured for talks which I do not understand, I would agree. Well, you would also agree that Canada had already gone for long now each to have secured against such an intrusion, toilet plugging, or any other vandalism. You would also agree that civility and history has even sounding literatures to make good noise about them that others in many country cannot with their profiles. And therefore I do not think these are only the literatures good for innocent university students entering first year study in politics.

However, anger and vandalism mentioned as such against fellow citizen are unlikely occurrences even in many third world countries with their limited politics and sovereignty. you would also agree. Can you believe that it is still possible in Canada to a person to act freely for climbing your house and sitting on the roof for making noise?  Can you believe that it is still possible in Canada to a group-of-persons to act freely for climbing your house and sitting on the roof for making noise? Can you believe that it is still possible in Canada to a person(s) to act freely for climbing your rental-house and sitting on the roof since for just knowing that your tenant is afraid to call police?

What it is only personally then without regard to worlds of problems it comes only to think that I might be a high ranking in town for language writing and literature. And this is maybe the problem and embarrassment for some those who love such a thing and therefore pretend to be very hard in public as if they are the ones in that, for some  reasons.  But this is just another hobby to me. The housing was my favored however and it was my job for 15 years. And I was very self-disciplined in my tasks. For example, I had never made a call to ask a women to come to my place for sex from those who were renting my places, although I knew this was attractive and available if needed. My times and enjoyments were much left to housing in those 15 years. It was in the last 10 years that our rich and their rich philosophers affiliates in governments who were behind the attack to capture everything from me, with the idea to showcase their maturity. But they don’t realize that it is not their money that could make any sense to average man and woman, regardless of how bad they try to color their money and engage in vandalism with fellow citizen and immigrant communities.     

I know people are increasingly fearful in town now to say ‘I agree with you, Sir/Madam, but you don’t have that good education like this man for one being able speak issues well, nor had you ever such a work culture in your age to do things like this man, other than coming to us now for sympathy with your coloring ideas or anything like that with or without force for your anger being accepted with nationhood and nationalism’.

And I think Canadian society is no need of such a crime against other fellows. 

Yours sincerely,
Nevill Fernando

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