July 28, 2017

Adverb "too". Are you doing it right?

Many would say ‘yes' we are and some would say ‘no' we aren’t but we as well as professional writers and grammarians also are doing it. Perhaps such a way of being different and confusing may have the power of persuasion, beyond our conventions how. Perhaps only for this reason that why we are throwing a comma with it. However, as far as our linguistics conventions are concerned, i can only say that something like ‘Do it right and save money, too!’ doesn’t appear alright.  We can certainly have more exposure to it and can find an alternative supporting literature.

The culprit of our being to have committed something such, however, not really relies on the presumption of what others are doing in a similar situation, rather, the sense of being accused for something against convention might be originating from the fact how supervisors, forebears, or others who have mirror over us are doing it. Yet, dispite anything realy to the contrary, we know also that the sense of our being to have convicted something against those non-enacted nor  regulated statutory linguistics conventions may have emerged from the fact that what literary choices seem acceptable and what we have done otherwise.

True, sometimes misplaced modifiers are painful however, in the similar manner of to those mistakes that we feel ourselves to be prompted by sort of sense of guilt, or even more so in some environments since there is no plea bargain, absolution, or confession against our culprits for mercy, without the regard for remorse toward something in particular, if we have in fact been being proved to be convicted and needed some sort of relief therefor.

Then, for many, the only psychological restrain from awakening here, in many cases of our professional writings and seriousness, is certainly  the lack of supporting literary usage and not seeing many in the similar situation.

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